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Makeup tips and tricks for beginners ^-^

I officially started wearing makeup when I was like 13-14 years old…I think,  But it was absolutely natural (and still is), although when I was younger I watched alot of YouTube  (and  still do xD) and actually thought from watching all of the makeup artists with a huge makeup collection:  “I needed lots of different kinds of makeup to be cool”.

So.  As I look back on it. I’m shaking my head at my younger self thinking: “why did I buy multiple colors of eyeshadow, when really I only used like the 2 natural shades of the collection?” — so my point is: less is more when it comes to makeup and starting out.  You do not need multiple makeup products at first.  Start out small and work your way up.

Makeup can be extremely expensive, but you can have a pretty good makeup starter pack for a quite reasonable price if you budget your money. Before buying a product think: “Do I really need this? Will I use it often to get my money’s worth?” Trust me. It helps.  ^^

Also. It all depends on your makeup style and what you prefer. If you like natural soft makeup, go for natural. If you love smoky eyeshadow with a dark lip, go for that.  The thing about makeup isn’t always about “covering your acne scars or changing who you are”, It’s art and expressing yourself through makeup. It can be fun and relaxing to put on.

(For me it is anyway.  Hehe)

It took a while until I found a makeup style I liked, I learned different tricks and hacks along the way and I found out I really liked the natural makeup best.  I’m also  into Korean makeup because;

1: The packaging is super cute. ♡

2: The prices are reasonable. $

3: The overall product is quite nice.  ^•^

I can do a separate post about tips for [Korean makeup for beginners] another time. ^^

Although in the mean time, I will show you my everyday makeup and a couple of makeup storage ideas that will make your vanity more organized and cute.  ♡

Products: Ipkn bb cream (medium), etude house face blur primer, Tony moly gel liner (black), dolly wink mascara (black), holika holika jewel eyes maker, elf eye primer, NYC eyelash curler, skin79 powder compact, l’oreal eyeshadow quad (rose nude), maybelline lip balm, and twinkle lips glow color (N3).

I like to put my everyday makeup products in an antique bowl and it’s convenient because everything is in arms reach out in the open.  So. No more rummaging through drawers or boxes for your most loved items.  ^^

These are the stay glossy lip glosses by Rimmel and are my absolute favorite lip gloss so far. I like to put them in a little jar to display them nicely.

Jars are always a cute way to dress up your vanity and keep everything in place.  For your makeup blenders, a jar with a lid will help keep dust off of your applicators and keep them clean.

Do the same with your makeup brushes. As dusty makeup brushes are a common struggle (I think)  for makeup artists. so to prevent the dilemma- A nice jar with a lid is essential for your makeup brushes.


Thank you so much for reading!


-Anna ♡


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