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My favorite kpop groups. 

There are multiple amazing kpop groups out there and they are just waiting to get more recognition.

I will name my favorite groups alphabetically and by doing this, I hope to give them more fame. ^-^ Just keep in mind my descriptions are not that interesting…but my love for these groups is everlasting.  🙂

Let’s begin.   —>

A: Apink, Astro, and Akmu.

♡Apink♡ They are one of my favorite girl groups, they have a cute concept and under Plan A entertainment.

♡Astro♡ They are a rookie group and they have gained a decent fan base in a short amount of time since they’ve debuted.

♡Akmu♡ A sibling co-ed group, and you won’t believe their voices when you hear them.  They have been singing since quite a young age I think, and when you watch them on Korean TV shows, their personalities are quite  loveable.

B: B1A4, Boyfriend, Block B, BTOB.

♡B1A4♡ My absolute favorite group in this whole list. 🙂 They are possibly the only group I know most about.  In my opinion, their music is overall the best. (I could be just biased though.  XD)  The leader composed most of the songs in their recent albums in the past years and he also composed a couple of songs for 1.0.1.  ^^

♡Boyfriend♡ Another boygroup…Haha.  They are under starship entertainment and their songs are all fun to listen to.  Boyfriend is also the first kpop group to have twins.  Can you spot them?

♡BTOB♡ They are also under cube entertainment and I am absolutely in love with this group! (As I think about it…my most loved groups start with a B…huh.)

♡block B♡ This group, I don’t know much about…I’m the kind of fan that in the Fandom is like: “Hi, I know nothing about this Fandom..but I love their music.” XD

D: Day6.

♡Day6♡ I think I would put them in the rookie category? Although I think they are really good, under JYP entertainment and they play the instruments themselves and it adds alot of color to the group.


♡Exo♡ Is probably the most known legend of kpop.  They are under SM entertainment and used to be 12 members…but a couple of my favorites left because of sm’s unfair treatment.  But to a happy note, the previous members are all solo debuted and their music is fantastic! ^^

G: Gfriend.

♡Gfriend♡ I just decided I love them a while ago and they also have a cute image. Their vocals are really good for a rookie group. ^^

H: High4 and Highlight.

♡High4♡ They are one of the really underrated groups I know of, and for the really good songs they come out with, they should have more fame by now.  ^^ 

♡Highlight♡ Previously known as the most loved group as “Beast”. When their contract ended with Cube entertainment, they started their own entertainment and that’s how Highlight was created.  The fandom name is still undecided and Highlight is in the midst of providing another comeback mv.

K: Knk and Kard.

♡KNK♡ Rookie group and they are one of the tallest member groups besides Vixx.  I fell in love with their first music video. I love their music and they are really fun.

♡Kard♡ Another rookie co-ed group.  The members have their own instagram and they read the comments when they have a chance to (That’s what I’ve heard anyway.).

M: Mamamoo

♡Mamamoo: I find them very classy and their music is really different from all the other girl groups I know of.  They have this kind of old style, jazzy, contemporary style of music and I absolutely love it. ^^

♡pentagon♡ Rookie group again, but with amazing talent.  They are under Cube entertainment and they have 2 international members.

S: seventeen.

♡seventeen♡ Rookie group with the sound of legends.  XD I love this group so much! There are 13 total and 2 members are from China and 1 member is 1/2 Korean and 1/2 American.  This group is really hard to find a one true Bia. This is because all of the members are Bia wreckers.

U: Uniq and ukiss.

♡Uniq♡ Under YG entertainment and [a Chinese entertainment I can’t remember the name of. XD]. The group consists of 3 Chinese and 2 Korean members. They have songs in Korean and Chinese.

♡ukiss♡ Another group I am in love with.  They had old members leave and new members join, but it still doesn’t change that they are really good.

V: Viction and Vixx.

♡viction♡ Rookie group and I recently fell in love with them too.  I mean seriously…the rookie groups are all catching my heart.  XD

♡Vixx♡ Not so rookie.  I would say they are almost legends? To be honest, I have no idea what the point is when groups become legends. XD
Thanks you so much for reading!


-Anna ♡


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