♡ my favorite places ♡

Crepes that will transport you to France. 

Thank you mother nature for giving us this wonderful, sunny day!

 A perfect day to explore downtown Iowa city and to travel to France…Okay not really travel to France, but pretend that your in a lovely  Paris cafe, when eating these amazingly, delicious crepes.  

This little cafe has multiple crepe dishes to choose from and I can definitely say you will enjoy them all! 

They have sweet and savory crepes to choose from and it’s totally okay to get one…or two of each.  🙂 

The cafe has many drinks to choose from, although I love the mint tea. 

Today my mom, younger sister, and I ordered 4 different crepes to share and I couldn’t help but take pictures of these beautiful creations. 

Savory crepe #1: Lyon.  (made with spinach, cheese, and bacon).

Savory crepe #2: This was what they had for a special called: Le Primtemps.  (Made with a sunny side egg, asparagus, spinach and bacon). 

Sweet crepe #1: Deluxe.  (Made with orange liqueur sugar.) 

This my personal favorite.  ♡

Sweet crepe #2: Crepe Du Jour.  (Made with mixed berries and paired with  whipped cream.) 

We couldn’t decide if it looked more like a butterfly or a bow.   

Use your imagination to your preference. 🙂 


If you are ever in Iowa city, I suggest stopping by and get a crepe or two.  

Thanks for reading! 


-Anna ♡


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