♡ my favorite places ♡

Oyama Sushi 

I apologize for the lack of posts and any sign of living on this blog. I’ve been busy with school and to be honest, I haven’t done anything exciting to write about.  Although that will soon change.  ^-^ 

Today I’ll be writing about Oyama Sushi and first starting out with a little background story.  

Years ago, before my family and I moved to a different neighborhood, the people who run this restaurant used to be my neighbors. I knew them, but we weren’t close friends. Just neighbors.  My sister and i were quite young back then and we used to draw pictures with chalk on our sidewalk for them to enjoy.  It was nice. ^^  Anyway.
For only a couple of years now i love sushi.  Although before that, I didn’t want to try sushi.  The main reason why was:  I was misinformed and thought that sushi meant “raw fish” and only raw fish. So. Now I realize that sushi isn’t just raw fish, but also cooked fish…i enjoy it much more now.   

Today my family and I went to Oyama Sushi for lunch and here is some of our favorite things to order. 

 Vegetable Gyoza. ♡  These little pouches of deliciousness are the very thing that got my mom into Japanese food.  Sometimes we crave them so much, that we need our “Gyoza fix.” 

If vegetables aren’t your fave, then the Pork Gyoza are for you.  (Although I prefer the vegetable..haha) 

Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll.  ♡ This is probably the most loved sushi by my family. I cannot have shrimp, but I’ll take their word for it.  ^-^ 

Chicken Katsu Bento Box. ♡ One of my favorite things to order at Oyama Sushi! Chicken Katsu is chicken which is lightly fried. The bento box also gives you a chance to have sushi, gyoza, and chicken Katsu. 

Fried Banana Dragon. ♡ Another favorite of ours.  You wouldn’t think that a warm banana with whip cream would be so yummy…it is. Trust us.   

So if you love sushi and want real authentic sushi and Japanese food. Go to Oyama Sushi and you won’t regret it.  ♡ 

Thanks for reading! 


-Anna ♡


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